Senuke XCR

A few days ago, I received a message from the gang at Senuke announcing a big update to Senuke X and that they are in the process of  giving the software some MAJOR changes – even a new name Senuke XCR.

I have no idea what the CR stands for but I’m super pumped because the new features are going to make this even more badass!

According to the email there will be 4 New Modules –

  1. PDF module – this will take your articles that your using to submit, convert them into a PDF and submit them to the Document sharing sites.  This is huge because I’ve been outsourcing this and using other tools as Doc Sharing sites are a great resource for getting backlinks.
  2. Wiki Site Module  where you can import your own set of wikis.  I currently use another piece of software that’s no longer on the market to post to wiki sites.
  3. WordPress Module – This use to be included in the older version however it was removed once they released X – I’m glad to see this back again, to schedule your blog posts across your own blog network
  4. A Google Places Module specifically geared to local business SEO’rs

And that’s not even near the additions…

They’ also announced a 30 Second Turbo Wizard to cut down on the time it takes to create a new campaign

Plus, the launch of Xindexer2 to totally automate the process of getting your backlinks indexed.  This will even do weekly checks to see which of your links are dead.  Again, I’ve been using a 3rd party software to check all of my links in an effort to get more indexed and more authority to my backlinks.

And then there’s the surprise which is what the CR stands for…

Senuke was already head and shoulders above everything else, but these updates will make it even more powerful!

And the cool part about it – they released a major update yesterday, take a look at the blog for more info.