Senuke X Review

Are you looking for an automated SEO software that will actually get the job done, getting your site ranked in the search engines?

Numerous versions of search engine optimization software have popped up all over the internet and I’ve personally tested just about all of them but NONE come even close to that of Senuke X.

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Here’s the deal – My name is Mark Odysseus and I’m an actual user and actively using the software every single day in an effort to get my affiliate marketing sites ranked in the top of Google..  This site is intended to give you an in depth review, arming you with real Senuke tutorials and videos to help you gain higher rankings in the Search Engines.

Getting Ranked With SeNuke X

For starters, in order to crack the top spot, I’ve found it revolves around 3 factors – your Onpage SEO, your social aspects (how many comments, likes, and +’s your getting) and last and most importantly is the backlink building.

You will need to obtain quality links from multiple sources to drive your site’s rankings.

That’s where Senuke X comes into play.

SEnuke X will post your content to the following..

  • Article Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • Social Network Properties
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Profiles

The software will Automatically create these accounts, create and verify your emails, has built in proxies, and even has captcha solving capability…

But before you begin taking over the world with your linking you’ve got to get clear on what you’re going after…

Can Senuke Help Local Businesses Like A Limo or a Towing Company?

You may be wondering if Senuke could help small businesses rank their websites or is this just for ranking affiliate sites?  The answer is YES!  Using this software for local businesses has helped many to top page one rankings.  I’ve seen many local businesses utilize some of the linking that is provided by seo software from the likes of Senuke and even Magic Submitter .  Here’s a review video I did for Magic Submitter on Youtube. Literally if these local businesses can utilize the power of this amazing SEO software – image what you can do…

Also, big name speakers such as Dan Kennedy.  Take a look and his book is ranking #1 for the term information marketing.  This is no coincidence and was done with intent.

Starting off On The Right Track With Your Keyword Research

So far starters, Senuke will allow you to do the proper research for finding red hot niches that are ripe for the pickings to ensure that you start your campaigns off on the right track going after the right keywords, instead of wasting time going after too competitive markets or markets with very little search volume.

This is huge because when I first began I didn’t understand keyword research and as a result when after markets that had little search volume. The cool thing is this SEO software will help you lay the proper foundation with this crucial step.

Setting up Your Senuke Campaigns

Ok, so you’ve done your research and now it’s time to setup a campaign!  You have two ways you can do this..

  1. Setup an individual campaign
  2. Use the Wizard

I use both, however when I’m first setting up a campaign I prefer to use the wizard because it allows me to setup everything and use one of the built in templates or create my own custom templates.  The templates are your structure of links and as you can see in the diagram below you’re able to create simple or complex linking structures using this incredible feature.

By seeing this diagram allows you to visually lay out how to lay out your backlinks in Tiers which is very important for SEO.  Layering your links in Tiers will help you to build your links more naturally and get those links indexed faster.  You don’t want to just blast all of these links directly to your money site.

They must be layered in order to get the full advantage and in order to last for the long term.  That’s important!

Also, Senuke comes with many templates, therefore I switch them up and even add my own custom templates so that there is no footprint for my backlinking strategy.

Using the wizard makes it easier as it’s goes step by step for getting your campaigns set up.  If you go to the resources and the blog page I will be updating with a lot of tutorials on how I’m using it.

The bottom line is this – in order to make money online – you’ve got to have traffic.

And that’s what Senuke X is – a traffic getting machine.

It’s the most automated SEO tool you will find on the market today and you can grab a Free 14 Day trial to test it out for yourself.